My Life In Just Six Words
Heather Cato

Loving mother & father have first child.
Big Sister, I am the boss.
Strong-willed, independent from an early age.
Concealed balloons in underwear, mom knew.
Ice cream coned patterned dress, beautiful.
Memaw transforms granddaughter into Ridding Hood.
Initiated kindergarten’s protest of Western Day.
Desegregation sent lonely 1st-grader across town.
Never go to a funeral hungry.
Fridays, banana splits & bubblegum ice cream.
Sandbox proves to be cat’s hangout.
Warning: Keep hair away from candles.
Grandparents live just down the street.
Staying over at Granny’s happened often.
Nutmeg ran away, maybe stolen?
Missed opportunities of learning to sew.
Vote for Heather, wig for Coach.
Fried chicken, scenic view, nearly killed.
Many states, many pictures, much fun!
Future goal: WNBA basketball super star.
Heart started racing for unknown reason.
Meds turn teenager a grumpy monster.
New Goal: survive junior high unscathed.
My diet: french fries, salad, donuts.
Doctors say surgery is only option.
Found love of sports through tennis.
Heart surgery, just one more time.
Heart surgery, third time’s a charm.
Lubbock to Rhode Island, no Grapevine.
Moving day, my life is over.

Healing and comfort comes from ChapStick.
Started playing bass clarinet junior year.
Driving was fun, until the wreck.
New friends abound in unsuspecting places.
Mind reels with choices after graduation.
Texas Tech a Watson family tradition.
Illegal fireworks make for spectacular show!
Elected Student Senator, made Papa proud.
Bracketology proves to be ingenious creation.
Raider Red now official university mascot.
Four classes left before actual graduation.
Finally graduated, first job starts soon.
Golf cart race causes broken bones.
First day of school, where’s teach?
Oh, I’m the teacher, that’s right.
Non-smoking grandfather killed by lung cancer.
Papa left me no instruction manual.
BB gun bullet hits unsuspecting teacher.
Paper airplanes, hurtful words, referral slips.
Student threatens to kill supportive teacher.
Tired teacher searches for new job.
Sixth-grade, truly the “awkward age.”
Ignites passion for reading in students.
Got student help, saved his life.
Just married my high school sweetheart.
Double income, no kids, life’s great!
Skiing in Colorado, I love Christmas.
NASA, ten years later, hasn’t changed.
NWP: How I spent summer vacation.
Life’s purpose: serve others, not self.