Mrs. Cato has gone back to school. Read some of the crazy things she has written. Maybe you have some advice on where her thoughts/story should lead.

Going off my sentiments as a younger student and hating to read, I want to write a poem about hating to read... I was kinda thinking about an idea that everything in my poem would actually be about the things I love about reading. And I was thinking about an idea where I wrote about everything that is truly frustrating about writing. At the end, if i did start about how I hated to read, I thought it might be cool, if I said something about how I hate to read, but I like to travel, and it is through those books that I travel.

We all know the crazy ups and downs of a first year teacher... I thought that writing this like a blog might be fun. I am concerned about the narrowness of my audience... I just have so many CRAZY stories that happened in my first couple of years of teaching I thought would be great to write about… any other ideas?

Story 1

One of the activities in class we did was writing about a memory… I have one start of one that I like, but I’m not sure where to go from there…
Story 2

have a young adult fiction piece started, but not sure where to go…
Story 3

I believe in the healing and comforting power of chapstick.
Story 4

My Life In Just Six Words
Story 5

6 Word Memoirs