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The King and I was a sensational musical performance in the year 1951. It won a Tony award for Best Musical and permired 1,246 times. It was first shown in St. James theater. It is currently considered a classic and is remembered by most in the common audience. It relates to today because of how big it was in the entertainment field and how widespread it was. It goes with the theme of the chorus because it was famous in the year it was shown and created an entertainment nation.
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The Catcher in the Rye was one of the most controversial novels of its time. With its profanity and sexual reference it started a revolution in writing styles. As soon as it was released it was put on the New York Times best seller list and stayed there for 31 weeks in a row. The book was sold worldwide in multiple languages and is now considered to be a 'classic'. It relates to today because what authors write now is based off of this style of writing. It relates to the chorus of the song because it set the stage for great novels of the future and was a rebellious piece of its time.
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Sugar Ray was an American boxer, who in 1951 lost to Turnip. Sugar Ray's rematch infront of 60,000 fans months later was life changing for those who witnessed it. He was the icon for the determined mind-set of America. Sugar Ray pushed and continues to push Americans [today] never to give up, through his won rematch against Turnip, after not only losing but also being kicked out of the European leagues for delivering an illegal kidney punch. Sugar Ray was included in Billy Joel's song because he was famous for his boxing, and he also showed the perseverance that would later be shown through America's progression through the years.
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Marlon Brando was an inspirational actor not only for his methods and personality but also his acceptance and willingness to share about his homosexuality. Even though he was married 3 times. He was an icon of virtue for his time because he was a unique actor with special talents. He was looked up to by many including James Dean. He was in many films and was seen widespread. It relates to today because there are many talented actors, and relates to the chorus of the song because he was very popular at the time and taught everyone to reach for their dreams, and be honest with themselves.
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The Rosenbergs were the first and only, so far, Americans to be executed for espionage. They were a blemish compared to the other events listed in Billy Joel's song, in the year of 1951. The Rosenbergs endangered America and changed that time period and ours, permanetely. The Rosenbergs exposed how terrifying and dangerous our government weapons were becoming. However, Mrs. Rosenberg stood by her husband until the end and niether confessed their wrong doing. They also were a large icon in the Communist sweep that overtook so many's mindsets in the years that followed. Both of the Rosenbergs influenced America's tenacity and defiance that has shaped today. The Rosenbergs spreading of secrets has resulted in an extended race for military power that has not since ended. The Rosenbergs were a couple who didn't give up, put all of their faith in one another, took a risk to do what they thought was right, and eventually were caught for what they really were, traitors.
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The H- bomb, or hydrogen bomb was tested by the US in 1951, in the Pacific Ocean/ and island in the Pacific. This advancement in military weapons was extremely significant not only becuase of it's raw power that exceeded the atomic bomb, but also because of the mental advantage it gave the United States over the USSR/Soviet. The US and Soviet Union were in a race to see who could make the most dangerous weapon the fastest. The US stayed in the runnings with this bomb, and the Soviet Union developed the A-bomb. This bomb not only put America outfront because of it's power, but has also been the warning that keeps America from extremely dangerous war, becuase other countries know we have a weapon worse than the one that ended WWII.
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Panmunjom was included in Billy Joel's song because in July of 2010, inbetween the split Korea's, it was the location of not only the final settling of the Korean War but also the current border between North and South Korea. Panmunjom showed the world that anyone can work together to solve a common problem. It also proved that the UN was able to control and lead countries to peace. Panmunjom is important today becuase it still continues to separate the two Korea's and represents the worlds ability to come together and settle differences for the good of man kind.
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